Time for Reflection

My mind is still reeling from the whirlwind of prac. I lived and breathed that school, that class, this subject from the time I started planning with my mentor during the school holidays, through weekends, late nights and now it’s all come to a sudden end. Breathe. It ended with a sneaky surprise farewell party in the library, laughs and stories of how it was orchestrated without me knowing, cards, drawings and an amazingly beautiful arrangement of roses and carnations. So many things are coming back to me now and I’m finding myself following a train of thought “what will I do next?”, “how will I address this?” and then realising I won’t be addressing anything next… it’s over. It’s over? Woohoo! What a feeling of success, what a great milestone to reach! I am looking forward to this final assessment task of reflection so that I can sort out my crowded mind. I am feeling prepared for my 4th year prac, I feel that I learned and developed lots of skills and I’m really on my way to becoming a teacher 😀


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